Sell My House After Divorce

Entering the contract of marriage includes sharing the ownership of all your properties with your partner, and investing in future ones together. In order for you to build a family, it is necessary to only have one main house where your family will grow and make memories. However, some relationships just don’t work together, and they have to separate through a divorce, which means the properties you have invested together will be split. Are you fresh from a divorce, and having a hard time selling the house you and your partner invested in? Or you’re a concerned friend who wants to help a bestie? Well, this article will provide your needs! Here are some tips on selling a house after a divorce.

I Sold My Houses After Divorce To A Cash Home Buyer

“As part of the divorce settlement, I got the house and quite frankly, I didn’t want to deal with it. I wanted a clean break. Because of this, I wanted to sell my house and sell it fast and easily, and because I was in Pennsylvania, I decided to sell it to a cash buyer with boots on the ground. 

After some research, I settled on a local group that not only talked the talk but walked the walk. They made it very easy for me to sell my house and I didn’t have to fix anything or even clean. If you are selling your home, and you want the fastest and most convenient way to sell you should definitely consider selling for cash.


Sell Your House After a Divorce

Selling a house after a divorce is the most preferred choice of ex-couples for it not only avoids the awkwardness of staying under the same roof but also gives enough money to start over separately. In order for you to sell your house without the hassle of communicating constantly with your ex-partner, you must pick a professional real estate agent. Having an agent to work with the marketing and other processes will give you less time to communicate with your former partner. Moreover, it will make you exert less time and effort to sell the house for they will do all the work. Next is deciding an appropriate price for your house. This is the main reason to have a real estate agent, for they are also capable of appraising your house. However, if you think that your house was undervalued by your agent, you may find and talk to other agents or appraisers.


Taking Action to Sell the Property

After settling the price of the house on sale, the agent will do the work on advertising and exposing it to different markets. It is still your responsibility to prepare your house for showings. Not every homeowner wants to go this the hassle of making their property ‘market ready’. If you’d rather sell your house without a realtor, contact a local investor. They can make you an offer to purchase your home as-is. You can avoid upfront costs and tiresome renovations before selling.

If you’d rather sell your home on the market after a divorce, you might need to make minor repairs, paint, and clean the property. You just have to ensure that your house is presentable, attractive, and does not have evident defects. The process of selling your house requires a lot of patience. While you are still in the process of selling your house, make sure that your agent is doing its responsibility, and constantly updating you. Since real estate is a product that never runs out in a market, you must be patient until you find the best homebuyer to work with.


Who to work with?

With a real estate agent, you shouldn’t be worried about selling your house fast. And after successfully selling it, you and your ex-partner are responsible for dividing the money you received. But be sure that you have already settled all your financial obligations to your real estate agent (cost of labor and commission), to the maintenance of the house (pay the one who spends money for house repairs and furnishings), and to the government (taxes and other legal obligations) before splitting the money. With these tips, it is certain that you will have a peaceful separation from your ex-partner, and will have enough money for the new chapter of your life.



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