This is How to Find and Build Citations for Real Estate Websites

For any business with an online and/or physical presence, coming up regularly when people search for local businesses catering to what you do is vitally important. This is even more important for real estate websites, who are by definition tied to their locality. Being known to anyone searching locally is vital.

One of the ways to achieve this goal is to optimize this local SEO goal by gaining local citations. In this article, we will show you that this is how to find and build citations for real estate websites.

The 4 easy steps to generate more leads


I’m a real estate investor too! I wear 173 different hats (I counted!)

Time is money so here are the 4 steps to getting more hot leads for your real estate acquisitions website.

  1. Find real estate specific directory and citation opportunities
  2. Analyze top we buy houses companies backlinks (look for real estate specific directories – it’s crazy how one or two specific links boost results!)
  3. Compare the results
  4. Create a listing for your business on the most obvious results. 

Doing these 4 simple things will rank you better and get you more leads.

I know it is not a super sexy secret sauce but sometimes the simple things are most effective. especially when no one else is investing the small amount of time needed to do it correctly!

You would be amazed at the number of real estate investors’ websites that have not spent a small amount of time to do this. It is real estate SEO 101!

Proof citations work

I know a company in Kansas City that did this (and only this) and become number 1 for we buy houses in Kansas City in 6 weeks. He rose from 7th to the number one position on Google search results. 

Now if you want to learn about finding citations that are specific to real estate companies and investors keep reading.

If you already know how to do this I implore you to spend a couple of hours doing this if you haven’t already. YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT! (money-back guarantee).

Wholesale deals from citations

Don't take my word for it... Recognize these lead generating machines?


local citations are one of the leading ranking factors for search engines to decide on the relevance of your website for local search results.”

“Basically, a real estate business that is consistently mentioned on other trusted and relevant websites achieves higher rankings in search results than a business that is never mentioned.”

If you have a website targeting “we buy houses” then you know about, right?

The quotes above come straight from the horse’s mouth (well I guess straight from the carrot’s mouth).

The article, titled “How to Build Local Citations for Real Estate Agents + Investors” is another great resource you must check out. It’s a very informative piece put together by Brendan Holmes. Brendan is another fantastic resource in the Carrot fold. 

Another time saver...!!!

I did this for my own off-market deal-finding website. Here are the results of the best 3 places you must have a listing for your real estate business (it may vary slightly for your farm area).


What is a Local Citation?

A local citation occurs when a search engine lists the name, phone number, location and (hopefully) other pertinent details and/or reviews about your business. This is how to find and build citations for any real estate websites waiting for their phone to ring or for prospective customers to check them out.

A survey by Moz found that local citations are the fifth most important Local Search Ranking factor ( To build SEO for real estate, or to advertise that “we buy houses”, you must strive to build citations in the local real estate directory. Citations for real estate websites are part of the process.


How do you Find Local Citations?

There are mainly two types of local citations for real estate, including citations for real estate directories and/or real estate directories.

There are “structured” citations on general forums such as Yelp or Facebook and customized local forums like the Better Business Bureau, Merchant Circle or Foursquare. In addition, there are customized real estate forums for a “We Buy Houses” company.

The second type of citations are more unstructured, where not every pertinent information about the business may not be included in a blog post or article about local real estate markets, whether it’s a trend analysis or a general discussion. However, even such articles will often help build SEO for real estate investors – for example, they may mention real estate directories or otherwise help build citations for real estate websites.

One way or the other, this is how to find and build citations for real estate websites.

Are Citations the Same as Backlinks?

Absolutely.  Kind-of. Yes, well citations are a method of generating backlinks. There are lots of great ways investors can build links successfully (and properly) for a real estate business.

Registering your company on citation sites or directories is one of those methods. 

How do you Create Local Citations?

There are multiple forums to consider and bases to cover when looking to create local citations for real estate. Here are a few:

  • Have a dynamite website that clearly states your vision, mission and core business objectives. Keep the information updated and focus on the elements that build SEO for real estate investors.
  • Never ignore Google – even though they don’t appear to be local, ultimately the Google My Business listing is a destination that every company building citations for real estate must strive for. Cover the basics! This is the first step towards how to find and build citations for real estate websites.
  • To optimize your SEO for real estate, focus on the venues for structured citations. They include the likes of Facebook, Yelp, Foursquare, Citygrid, Bing, Acxiom, Superpages, Yahoo, YP and others. Make sure your information is listed accurately on each and follow the responses you receive.
  • Look for other forums, including the Better Business Bureau, real estate directories, local Chambers of Commerce or real estate associations where you can be a member and have your information shared with prospective clients – if people seek help and come across your “We Buy Houses” ad on a respected local forum, it’s a top SEO for your real estate company.
  • Next, if you have the structured routes covered, look to be part of forums, write editorials or appear as a guest speaker in a way that you receive citations for real estate activities. If you are known as an expert, you will get better known, gain clients and be building citations for your real estate activities.

This is how to find and build citations for real estate websites with a bit of research, planning and diligence.

Real Estate Citations will Benefit SEO

Real estate citations do two things:

  1. They make you easier to find and list you on google, so they help build further citations for your real estate websites.
  2. Hopefully, they steer clients your way.

Let’s see why we feel that this is how to find and build citations for real estate websites. Another thing you can do is check out valuable online self improvement communities like Self Growth. 

Benefit #1 – Boost Rankings

Covering the steps mentioned in the previous section and having the right SEO for real estate business means that you simply rank higher among everyone trying to be noticed on Google.

This does not necessarily yield immediate results, but over time it surely will.

Benefit #2 – Local Authority and Map Pack Visibility

Google ranks companies based on relevance, distance and prominence. Coming up continuously on citations for your real estate business and appearing on business directories and a variety of structured and unstructured local citations will be sure to raise your ranking/score on Google.

You must use Google My Business regularly to check on what’s going on and update your information and profile so positive reviews and re-rankings are triggered on Google.

This is how to find and build citations for real estate websites.


Benefit #3 – More Leads

If you get proficient at building citations for real estate websites, listing on real estate directories and in general use the right SEO for real estate, you will climb up in the rankings of Google and every local citation imaginable.

Ultimately, this will lead to more leads. What’s more, people will come in believing that you know what you are doing.

While every lead is not going to convert into a successful business relationship, real estate is often just a numbers game, And this is how to find and build citations for real estate websites.

The Final Word

Hopefully, this guide is helpful for you to determine how to deliver content loaded with SEO for real estate investors.

We can honestly tell you that in our experience, this is how to find and build citations for real estate websites.


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