How $28 became a $13,000 Wholesale Deal

I recently entered the market of online website development for my real estate acquisition company.

I am a frugal real estate investor and need to know that I’m getting a good return on any investment I make.

It didn’t take long for me to come across Carrot enabled me to launch a website that was fast and highly relevant in a very short amount of time.  the amount of information that they have available is phenomenal.  I was able to go from knowing nothing about sewage engine optimization and ranking for such keywords as  We Buy Houses to being an intermediate SEO person (well in my eyes I am intermediate).

When trying to rank in the real estate industry and probably for any profession there is a practice of looking at backlinks from other competitors. I’m not teaching you new SEO techniques for real estate. I am just telling you I copied tried and true methods to rank on Google. 

It was during one such session that I happened across a real estate business directory that seemed highly relevant.  After digging a little further and finding it on some of the more highly powerful home buyers’ websites I decided to list my business also.

Like most real estate lead generation tools, it seemed a little too good to be true that you’ll never guess what happened.

What happened next was awesome!

I spent $28 and landed a $13,000 wholesale deal.

I had subscribed to the We Buy Houses Business Directory for 3 months. It was in the fourth month that I got an email from a person that wanted to sell the property in Albuquerque.  I am currently targeting We Buy Houses in Albuquerque New Mexico.  Albuquerque is my farm area 100%.

3 months in got a lead

After receiving the email I called the homeowner. They had a single-family house in Old Town (a neighborhood just to the west of Downtown Albuquerque, NM. We went over the condition of the house and compared this to comps.

 After this was done I asked what they needed (in cash) to sell it to me that day. The number they came back with was very reasonable!

In fact, it was so reasonable that we made a verbal contract at that price. After hanging up I immediately sent a purchase agreement which was signed less than 30 minutes later by the seller. 

Less than 3 hours after that I had visited the house for sale, took pics, sent it out to my buyers, and sold it for a $13,000 profit!

I'm an honest, transparent home buyer

Throughout the process, I was 100% transparent to the homeowner.

I told him that I was going to try and sell the house for a profit. Therefore it was extremely important that he was 100% happy with the price he was willing to sell it to me for.


I don’t give a S@*T

I don’t give a S@*T what you do with it as long as I get my cash!” 


I wish all homeowners that wanted an easy way to sell their house understood that it didn’t matter what I did with the house after we contracted to buy it – AS LONG AS THE SELLER GETS THERE MONEY, right?

So in summary – I signed up for a business directory and real estate lead generator. 

I was skeptical because there are so many options out there.

I had conducted my due diligence and saw other industry leaders were also on the directory. (went on AHREFS and looked at where they were getting links from). 

After spending $28 I closed a $13,000 wholesale deal!

Huge ROI - Now how to capitilize more?

This one deal has paid for a lifetime of subscription costs to As a lead generator, they have proven themselves as legit. 


I signed up and got a deal. It’s that simple!

So going forward I am using my landing page on this real estate directory as another legitimate source of leads. To make it more prominent I am actively marketing my own website ( and my listing right here. 

So now not only am I building my main website page authority but I’m building my authority for my business listing on!

We buy houses in Albuquerque

Carrot is costing me roughly $100 a month and it is money well spent. That said I have yet to receive an organic lead from my website. 

I was only spending 10 bucks a month here and got a legit deal. While I think the amount of resource carrot provides still exceeds the I can’t argue that so far this real estate directory has got me way more money. 

SIDE NOTE: I never would have found this citation site if it wasn’t for carrot. It was a great article by the carrot that taught me to look for real estate-specific citations. Therefore I guess the credit has to go back to those real estate lead generation gurus! Therefore a big shout out to Trevor, Chris, and the rest of the team over at Carrot.


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